Sunday, April 11, 2010

Willa the Walrus (repost from 01/09)

** this is from "Dillon and Friends" (my series of stories explaining disabilities to kids):

Willa the Walrus
There are things on our bodies that we can’t see,
Two pairs are normal, but I have three.
“Chromosomes” they’re called, which is hard to say,
They are the things that make us a particular way.
It’s hard to tell why I have once more.
I’m not really sure what the extra one’s for.
My body’s make-up is made super tight,
Guess God wanted to be sure my identity was right.
It’s not so bad being different from others.
‘Cause my parents love me, and so do my brothers.
They know I have feelings, and a heart that can cry.
They always support me in the things that I try.
I want friends to run with, to laugh and to share.
To like me for me, this is my prayer.
I’m a neat kid, one of the neatest around.
So you shouldn’t dislike me ‘cause I’ve a syndrome called. “Down’s”.

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