Monday, January 24, 2011

2 Paths

So I am back to is too complicated for me. I just want to write, not crack the code for Wikileaks.


2 Paths
1st one is crowded with people, none of them stay with you. None of them put your best interest first at all times. Most of them lead you into trouble for the sake of temporary pleasure – internal, external, but not eternal. The path is broken, unclear signs contradict your gut feeling. You have pleasure, for a moment, but never peace, never comfort, never security because all you have is not yours at all and can be snatched away at any time. But you do please yourself whenever and however you can. Too bad you cannot rest enough to enjoy such pleasures even in the limited time they are with you. Probably the worst part is the uncertainty of knowing where this path ends. You have no reason to hurry or progress without a clear destination. The traveling is meaningless, and the crowds that once entertained you begin to remind you how lost you are. Your destiny is unknown.

2nd path is unpopulated, except for one Man who stays with you through your journey. He doesn’t let you stop for temporary fixes. If you do, he will wait while you wander, but you are on your own while off the path. When you are ready to journey Home again, He takes you by the hand, brushes off your scraped knee, and carries you while you cry. As you mature, He takes you down more complex paths with more things to see, more lessons to learn, and more opportunities for joy. He has provided you with an instruction book with everything you need for a successful life. But if you rarely use it, it will not make much sense. The more you study it, the easier it is to understand as you hear a Spirit explaining the words to you. He even shows you how the verses apply to the path which you are currently taking. The words stay the same, but the Spirit shares different things depending on where you are on your path. The best part of this path is you know where it ends. There is a mansion built just for you with loved ones awaiting your arrival. And this wonderful Guide who has saved you from destruction so many times will be there and you will be able to thank Him, to praise Him for all eternity. You will want nothing more that to be in His presence as you reflect on how He took you through valleys, fire, and darkness. He will stay with you until the end. .. until you cross over Jordan… and the path leads you Home.

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