Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am cold. As I write, my legs are literally around a space heater, I have 2 coats on and socks on my hands. This pretty much is as anti-Florida as it gets.

But thankfully, January – the coldest month of the year- is almost over. And next winter, things will be so much better… I just know it. You see, my life has changed dramatically, making me be a full-time writer. I tried to pack up my car and start anew someplace else… my journals wouldn’t fit in my car! Instead of losing a lifetime of priceless scripts, I am converting them all to computer documents to be used for a few nonfiction books, children’s poetry series, and an autobiography.

This is a temporary stage in life. I won’t be here long. My writing is going to take me far… you will see. My writing is going to bring my dreams into reality, where there is an abundance of sunshine and warmth.

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