Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This entry will be reflective of my mental state: dispersed.

I have a golden retriever puppy, Jireh, who is working on potty training. Yes, I know, crate training is the solution, but I have this crazy fear of fire which prevents me from shutting an animal in a crate. I also have this fear of being outside in the dark, which I am conquering while taking Jireh out at all hours of the night. Pray... I pray for peace, provision and patience. Jireh is doing better - in fact, last night was the first night she had no accidents (yipee!). Still, my writing flow is constantly impeded by Jireh's bodily flows.

I’ve truly been enjoying the feedback I have been getting from my blogs, especially yesterday’s. The various comments tend to be indicative of the relationship I have with the responder. One person pointed out my typos, which was funny because I do the same when he sends me memos. Another tried assuring me that you don’t have to be without friends on Path #2. Still another praised me for sharing a hint of the message of salvation without being ‘down your throat’. I love the feedback because it toughens me for rejection letters from publishers and editors. I have received a few of those this week (along with ‘sorry, the job you applied for had been filled’), which I am now viewing as a gauge of productivity. For years, I didn’t submit Dillon the Dolphin (or any of my writing) because of dreaded rejection letters. Now I figure – hey, at least I am trying and not sitting around idle in a pity party. And the more query letters I write, the better I will get at writing them while my mind is in a writer’s mode.

It is far better to have a heart to do good and want ability for it than have ability for it and want a heart to it. --Matthew Henry Commentary

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