Sunday, January 30, 2011

from My Poetry Ebook Volume 1

Deceptive Call
His phone call this morning, I ended with pride.
I masked the emotions that were penned up inside.
I’ve moved on without him – what I tried to convey.
He said I had changed, but he’s glad I’m okay.
“Maybe this year, all your dreams will come true…”
The depths of my dreams, he hasn’t a clue.

Friendship Ended
You take my best gifts and turn them to faults.
While I’m nursing my wounds you burn them with salt.
So much you have given, much of it good.
I’ve strived to repay you the best ways that I could…
Accepting your values – conflicting with mine.
I gave unconditional regard time after time.
All this has changed, I’m moving on!
My desire to know you, frankly, has gone.
The place in my life that you had is now closed.
Instead, you’re just someone that I use to know.

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