Sunday, January 30, 2011

From Poetry Ebook Vol. 2

I fall ashamed 
a pool of disappointment
      from straying off His path.

I thought I could
   Independently slip away... 
      "I'll be right back..."

a minor detour
     with major consequences 
         Satan enticing me.

Disguising himself
    Not as foreign as I pretended
        I knew it was him. 

I tried to reason with God,
    "I know what I'm doing! Just let me have space..."
        I dropped His strong hand. 

He gave me space,
   With tears in His eyes...
      Concern on His face. 

And I fell. 
Though He gave me space,
He never deserted me. 
Once again, He cushioned my fall. 
He picked me up, brushed off my knees,
    and accepted my sincere apology. 

As His child, I am learning I cannot wander freely from Him,
I am back on His path
    Grasping His hand
         Leaning on Him. 

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