Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Temptation... Why Not?

Oooooh..... Temptation. Dangerous temptation has been neatly placed on my lap. Jennifer is out of town, Don is tied up, and Rob isn't in the equation. This opportunity could be the solution... Yet it could take me back to a dark, dangerous place. I am mad at God so please pray for me today. I'm at a major crossroad right now. Pray I can resist temptation and do the right thing for Jireh, Addy, Don, Jenn and my future. This is a life changing decision.   P.S. I signed up for a roommate service in the panhandle after finding LIVE termites in my bed and sealed toilet paper... Soooo disgusting!


Sherby said...

will be great if you can get up here adn PLEASE fight the temptation, whatever it may be!

Sherby said...

Please fight the temptations!!!
And it will get great to have you up here!