Sunday, June 26, 2011

To My Three Remaining Friends

I am going back into my shell for awhile... My comment below to my new blog reader explains why: I got rid of most of my friends earlier this year when I was facing a tragedy and no knew how to help- hello? Just listen and don't assume you have to fix it, you know? So here I am, a licensed therapist, in a deep depression... That was March. Lost my church, everything. Hung on to 4 friends- this one has a history of depression too so we discussed things no one else could handle. The friendship meant everything to me, until last week when words were said that should not have been. Today I told the friend it was over (after a week of being made to feel like a nuisance). I no longer trust anyone since my closest friend did this, anyone can!

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Lisa McFerren said...

That sucks...especially since you said this friend had a history of depression as well--you'd think they would be a bit more understanding! Trust is so easily broken, people just don't seem to get that.