Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Because I Love You

My dog, Jireh, is a 10 month old PUPPY. She weighs 64 pounds and has grown so much that I forget she is still a PUPPY. I’ve been allowing her more leeway by not putting her in her crate and walking her without the gentle lead leash. The past week, she has chewed my leather Bible cover, two shoes, and Addy’s cat mat. She also has a tendency to want to run toward dogs, BIG pit bull dogs, just to say ‘hello’ while pulling me behind. Jireh doesn’t understand angry, BIG dogs have no interest in greeting a 64 pound golden retriever with a staggering lady running behind.

So I’ve been putting Jireh in the crate and making her wear the gentle lead. You would think she is being tortured the way she pouts! She looks like those sad dogs on the Humane Society commercials when I put the gentle lead on her. I can imagine her thinking I don’t love her anymore…

Truth is, it is because I love her that I restrain her from chasing mean dogs (trucks, trains, etc.) and will not allow her free access to electrical wires, medications, etc. When God puts restrictions on us, it is because He loves us and wants to protect us. We can pout, resist, and disobey, but we’re going to get hurt in the end. We need to remember God’s ‘no’ isn’t because He doesn’t love us… rather, it is BECAUSE HE LOVES US.


Sherry O'Neal said...

Amen!!! shared this on facebook

8c0cd990-a1ba-11e0-9655-000f20980440 said...

Jireh is big in size but she is still very young and immature and not ready to set and respect her own boundaries. Not a diss on her, 10 mos. old is still young, especially for a golden retriever. They say they mature at 2 or 3 years. She still has so much learning to do and you are her teacher/mother/protector. I believe no dog should ever be given that much responsibility for themselves. Crate and gentle lead, my two best friends when it comes to my dogs.

Jireh may not act like she likes her crate or the gentle lead...I definitely have seen that look in her eyes, but the reality is those things take the guesswork out of her life. She doesn't get the chance to make a choice as to whether to chew your shoes or go sit nicely in her crate and chew her bone. The choice is made. Just like Jesus was faced with all the same choices we are faced with and he made the right decisions. We can do the same by following his lead/example.