Monday, August 15, 2011

New Book

This is not just a new chapter in my life, it’s a new book.

No more looking back. My future is looking astounding. I am living in a beautiful home where Addy and Jireh are flourishing, the new church I started attending is warm, Biblically based, and centered around God’s grace, and the friends I have are true, genuine friends.

Yesterday, sitting in Starbucks after church with my best friend, I was speechless. Tears welled up in my eyes as I stared out the window. Jennifer found the words I was searching for: “I think you are overwhelmed…” she smiled.

She was right; I am overwhelmed. Overwhelmed at how God works in life when we pay attention. Again, I am no longer looking back… but readers need a frame of reference as I start anew. Three weeks ago, I was days from being homeless. My relatives all turned away, no one wanted me except for Jireh’s trainer, PJ, who said I could stay with her. Everyone has their own lives, their own families, and while I know not to take it personally that people were unable to take me in, I felt so alone. I wanted to die. I thought of various ways to kill myself. But God pushed me through… God used Jennifer, Rob, PJ and Sherry to ‘hang on for one more day’. Then, the next day, ‘hang on for one more day’ until my eviction notice was replaced with a lease to a gorgeous, peaceful home with neighbors who smile and greet me and talk to Jireh. How it happened is no short of a miracle. So that is my past.

My future is my writing… now that I have a safe environment, my writing flows. I am starting a new BSF class next month, along with a Bible study at my new church. I've been helping PJ with her dog obedience classes and applied to volunteer at Arnold Palmer Hospital, working with families and kids with disabilities. And starting tomorrow, my counseling background will be used again as I begin volunteering in a ministry working with hurt people who need to know there is hope. People who have nothing who need to know life can get better…and I can promise people, life CAN get better. Hang on to whatever hope you can muster. Just hang on. Sometimes you have to let go of the life you had to experience the life God has for you. Believe me, His life for you is infinitely better.


Anonymous said...

We question why some endure harder struggles and longer trials then others do, but God knows what we can handle. The Eviction notice was sent by God. The right place came along and you needed that nudge to get out!

Sally B said...

oh Shelly I am so happy for you. I am so sorry I haven't had time to be with you these past weeks when you were in need. I want you to know I am always thinking about you. I am so blessed to know you. You have been such an inspiration. I am so proud you feel at peace now and can write and even volunteer. I know your heart will open and you will spread such love and joy to those who are in need or have been where you have been. You will be an inspiration to them, you will show them the light. I know life is probably overwhelming and hard but remember just do one day at a time. I am so happy jireh and addy have you, and so am I. I hope all is well and keep up the positive energy <3
much love
<3 Sally