Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Review

Fort Desoto beach was paradise. The dogs played the entire time in the water. In fact, Jennifer and I made them rest periodically since they were swimming full force. Jireh has grown much more confident compared to when we took them 2 months ago! She swims out to where her feet won't touch the ground when Jennifer or I are with her. Mia puts her head under water to blow bubbles, and even dives to fetch toys. Pictures will be coming soon. 

God met me at church as I expected... I felt His presence. This church is more traditional than my former church and I love it! There are pews, offering plates, hymns... It feels like a place of worship. It is much easier to get my heart before the throne as soon as I walk in the sanctuary. Going from a church where I knew the Worship Team and pastors to one where I know no one is a major adjustment, yet I find I have less distractions, allowing me to focus on God... Eventually, I'll get to know people. I already know I am among people who share my love for Christ. People who I will spend eternity with. May as well get acquainted with them now.     

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Sherry said...

Loved the pictures! All of you looked like you had a wonderful time.
Glad you found a new church home that you feel comfortable in.