Friday, August 19, 2011

Writer's Block

Gotta be honest – I have nothing to write about. Since I am determined to write daily entries, I’m staring at a blank screen, hoping my brain spills out into something witty, creative, inspiring… anything! Free association… let’s see… I’ve outgrown my celebrity crush, Dr. Drew Pinsky. Mind you, I still think he is a brilliant, handsome man… but either I have changed or he has… or (likely) both. He was criticizing a politician who quoted the Bible about wives submitting to their husbands…saying it was disturbing or crazy or something.  (I tell you, I’m GRASPING for something to write about!). Dr. Drew has said other things recently, which didn’t seem Dr. Drew-like, leading me to believe one of us has changed. So my celebrity crush is over. Okay… now I have closure.

Maybe here is the ‘useful’ information for the entry…I believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. You can’t pick and choose which parts to believe, nor can you take verses out of context. My pastor, Dr. Joel Hunter, once said someone told him they didn’t believe Jonah lived inside of a whale – that would be impossible. Pastor Joel said we are talking about GOD, who created the universe!! The whale could’ve had air condition inside it! God can do anything! Amen!

Whew. There is my blog entry for today. Definitely not one of my best, but hey, I broke through writer’s block!

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