Saturday, September 3, 2011

Game of Life

Finally, college football season is here! Ron, Jennifer and I went to Tallahassee for FSU’s season opener – I cried the moment we walked up the section ramp, into Doak Campbell Stadium where there was an ocean of garnet and gold. Ron jokingly told me "There's no crying in football!" I was so happy to be in Tallahassee among FSU grads on my old college campus! Chief Osceola rode Renegade across the field where they circled around and threw the spear into the turf. (Jennifer videoed this so I will post it on here…) We had amazing seats in the Alumni section. It was perfect.

The Seminoles won, but our offense definitely wasn’t as good as it needs to be. We struggled to get the ball down the field. Now, Jen and I are die-hard Seminoles. We take great pride in our school and basically, we’re loyal to FSU no matter what. My stomach literally twists when we lose, so watching the game is one big roller coaster of outbursts: “Yeah, Seminoles!!...Way to go!!!... What was THAT?!... It’s okay, shake it off… Woo hoo!!... That’s what I’m talking about! Oh, c’mon! Who are you throwing to?!” In the end, it doesn’t matter how well/horrible they play, my devotion for them remains the same.

God is like that with us. He is our greatest cheerleader, most loyal fan. He knows we will mess up, make foolish plays, take great risks, all in this game of life. He coaches us to focus on the ball, keeping the end in perspective. Can you imagine the quarterback walking off the field and going home the moment he was sacked? No, he has to play the entire game until the end… and so do we. We can’t pout and give up when our opponent is in the lead. Fortunately, as Christians, we know we are on the winning team.

Funny part: Because of cerebral palsy, my proprioception is off, meaning I literally don't know my own strength. For example, I can't hold styrofoam cups because I squeeze too hard. Well, I kept hitting the guy in front of me when I did the Tomahawk Chop. The first time, he forgivingly smiled. The third time, he gave me an ugly look. Half-way through the game, the floating beach ball came to me. Instead of whacking it high in the air, I slammed the ball down, right into the same guy I had been hitting!!! He was NOT amused! Jennifer told him, "She has CP..." in effort to calm him down. I didn't see the ugly look he gave me as I was focused on the woman behind who was laughing at me. So I got mad, thinking Jen was telling HER I had CP and there was this misunderstanding until Jen explained, "I was telling that guy so he didn't say anything to you because I don't want to have to fight him (defending me)!" Ohhhhhh! I got it.

Throughout the rest of the game, the guy kept rubbing his arm and stretching, like he was in pain. Jen and I were laughing so hard, we were unable to speak and close to tears. It was hilarious! Well, it was funny to us. maybe not the guy with a sore arm...

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