Thursday, October 13, 2011

Landmines and God's Love

In the Experiencing God Bible study by Blackaby and King, the authors provide an example of God’s disciplining his children as described in Hebrews 12:6 – “The Lord disciplines those he loves, and punishes everyone he accepts as a son.” They describe facing a field of landmines… would you take a map telling you areas to avoid? Or would you insist, “Noooo. I can go wherever I want I have free will!” Of course, you’d want to know where the landmines were planted!

I thought about the rest of the verse- “and punishes everyone he accepts as a son”. Those who accept Him as Savior and choose to live for Him are punished by him… perhaps having stricter punishment. Think about it…

If my dog was walking in a landmine, I would yell, grab, do anything I could to get the dog away from danger. The dog could do NOTHING to make me say, “okay! I tried to tell you but you are choosing to disobey me!” I would punish my dog until she obeyed me because I love her with my life. Now if it was a stranger’s dog. I’d tell them once, and if they argued with me or the dog started biting me, I’d let it go. My dog would be punished much more harshly in order to protect her from danger.

Why do we think our lives should be easier as a Christian? Why do we envy people who seem to get away with everything while we are struggling to hold on while following Jesus? Why do we judge someone who has trial after trial, assuming they are not right with God?

He punishes everyone he accepts as son… I am thankful for God’s punishment. I hate to imagine how my life would be if he let me go on my own ‘free will’.

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