Thursday, November 10, 2011

Depression and Friends

This is an excerpt from an email I sent to a friend who has stuck by me through my depression and anxiety. Writing it showed me I am wrong in telling people there is nothing they can do to help when I crash. All of these years of isolating... maybe I've been wrong. Maybe the key is to find the right people to reach out to... and fight being alone with one's thoughts:

Just reread our emails- so good to have you validate my recent 'trauma' and anxiety with my mother. I get sick of all my drama- everyday is something new- so I know you tire of it. 

But don't you see... You give me strength, perspective, determination to keep going? Last week, when we were out of touch, it was horrible, thus, I became sucked into a cyclonic pit. But your emails keep me going. I know how intelligent and compassionate you are, so knowing you invest time in me shows me I am worth something.  

Thought you should know how you daily change my life.

*knowing someone cares makes the dark times lighter... 

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