Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Doctor's Report

Follow up to yesterday,,, I saw the psychiatrist. She put me on a new medication and said it can be lethal if I overdose on it so she had me call Jennifer, and the doctor asked Jennifer to only give me a week's dosage at a time. Doc was not happy I called my mom for her birthday on November 8th, and understood how the incident with the straight jacket neighbor freaked me out. She asked Jen if she would be in town for the holidays and if she would make sure I am not isolating, to get me out of the house.

I know if it wasn't for Jen's reassuring her I am okay, I would be in the hospital because she couldn't believe my mood was a "7'  the day after I was suicidal.

THANK YOU so much for all the prayers and encouragement. And thank you for letting me bring awareness to such a personal, taboo issue.


Jennifer said...

People need to know the reality and fragility of depression and suicide. I'm glad you are not ashamed or scared to share openly. Hopefully this will encourage the people suffering to reach out and help those they turn to, to not run away. God can give both parties incredible strength to deal with it all.

Shelly said...

VERY well said... from someone who knows PERSONALLY.

Shelly said...

With me, the best thing people can do is validate my feelings without feeling like they have to 'fix me'. Just accepting what I am experiencing without judging me makes a world of difference.