Saturday, November 12, 2011

Penn State Mess

Penn State Alumnus article - Loved this article

I agree... if this had happened at Florida State with Bobby Bowden, I don't think I could be proud of being an FSU grad anymore. Bowden is one of my three hero's... if he didn't press the abuse issue like Paterno failed to, he would not be the man I thought he was. Bobby Bowden IS and ALWAYS WILL BE FSU to me. I would be so ashamed of my alma matter. I feel so bad for the victims, yet the alumnus must be just devastated as well. I hope this changes how society views sexual abuse...IF YOU SEE A CHILD BEING RAPED, YOU STOP IT! DON'T GO CALL YOUR DADDY, YOU WIMP! I am praying for mercy as this whole issue makes me DISGUSTED with the world we live in.

------ I just read this: Bobby's statement
"A little negligent?" YOU THINK? Bobby, Bobby, Bobby... I am so disappointed in you.

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