Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Season

My friend, Susie, and her
pink Christmas tree

Spent the morning making Christmas cards (almost done!). I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas, how selfish it is for me to try denying the season is here. That would be like telling a friend, “I don’t want to acknowledge your birthday because I have horrible experiences with my own birthdays, thus I don’t want to hear about or celebrate yours.” I would never say something so selfish to a friend, yet I am basically saying that to Jesus Christ. Ouch!

What hurts most about this Christmas are things that do not exemplify the true meaning of Christmas – truthfully, I miss all the gifts – my parents always went all out for  Christmas, and I need so much this year (new Macbook for writing, Day Planner, new iPhone and camera to replace my broken ones, clothes *since I lost so many when I moved, shoes, furniture – only have a bed to sit on, so can’t really have company over, and cash to catch up on my bills). It saddens me I won’t be receiving anything.

However, I am MUCH better off than last year. I have heat, a nice home, food, 2 healthy pets, new friends… I have a better grip on my depression, even less than 3 weeks before Christmas, and am excited about writing again. 2012 is going to be the year I use my God-given talent of writing to become a success again and get myself out of this mess! All these things are possible because of JESUS! EVERYTHING IS ABOUT JESUS! How could I deny the season of His birth? It’s a time to celebrate and be filled with joy!!

Happy Birthday, Jesus! Joy to the World!

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