Monday, December 26, 2011

Jesus' Birthday!

I'll catch up on the past week, but wanted to blog about Christmas;

It went amazingly well! New traditions started :). 
Jen's husband is with his mom so I spent the night. Christmas morning, at 6:15, Jireh and I woke her and her two goldens by jumping on her bed, saying, "it's Jesus' birthday!!! Merry Christmas!", laughing... Jen was covering her head because the dogs were attacking her (playing), and she finally says, "Someone is on my bladder! I gotta pee!". It was great. I will never forget it... Christmas Eve was tough, didn't go to a party I had RSVP'd to... I just can't understand how my relatives won't even take my calls... But I prayed through it and Christmas morning I felt such peace knowing this was the first Christmas I didn't have to deal with my "bad" brother. The most peaceful Christmas ever. I loved it. My friends have been wonderful!  Teresa gave me a box full of coffee/kitchen stuff, Jen & Ron gave me tons of stuff, my church gave me a massive amount of food - ham, 2 pies, fudge, vegetables, potatoes, cookies, etc. and Stacy (who I met for church, then lunch with her and her family) gave me candy, a golden retriever bookmark, and gift cards! Oh, food too... She and her mom gave me lots of food. I told her parents about myself, including my testimony. I told them if there isn't a God, I won't miss out on anything. But if there IS a God (which I know there is), I know I'm going to heaven. I also told them Ive been lonely and scared many times, yet I always feel like "it's going to be okay", and I know that is Jesus. 

Next year is going to rock!

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