Thursday, January 19, 2012

Court is Adjourned!

The day I had been dreading had arrived. I was sick with worry two days prior, thinking what a horrible person I am to be involved in a court case. After all, I am a law-abiding citizen! Back on August 19, 2011, I was pulled over for no seatbelt. The cop pulled me over and said, “Papers!” to which I should have said, “Scissors!” but this was not the time for humor. He asked if the address on my license was correct and since I had just moved SIXTEEN DAYS prior, I had not yet updated it, so I said no. My friends asked, ‘Why didn’t you say yes?”, BECAUSE I AM A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN!

So the cop let me go on the seatbelt violation, but issued a $115 ticket for not updating my address within TEN days. That is ridiculous- TEN days! I fought it, one, because I didn’t have the money to pay it, and two, I thought it was ridiculous. Rob informed me claiming ignorance doesn’t usually get you out of a citation… well, I was sure gonna try because TEN days is ridiculous (I’m getting redundant here).

My court date was set for today. The room was packed and I automatically thought "I am going to be here all afternoon". Rob went with me as I was petrified. I had nightmares that the judge misunderstood my speech, thought I cussed him out, and took me straight to jail! (Now if I wasn’t taking all my meds… that may have happened – just kidding. Shelly on medication is a beautiful thing!). Cops were huddled on one side of the room, while ‘the guilty’ were on the other. After calling maybe 20 names, (a couple who did not show up and therefore, now have a warrant for their arrest), the hearing officer called “Michael Weiss”. I am so use to being called Michael, I stood up. Besides if my father, Michael, was in the room, I was gonna prepare to run anyway!

The Hearing Officer called me to the bench. (The OJ Simpson trial was on when I was in college and whenever they called a sidebar, everyone yelled “SIDEBAR!” and took a drink. – I thought of that, but chose not to yell, SIDEBAR!!). Why was I being called up front when no one else had been? Uh oh… He asked if I changed the address on my license – “Yes, Sir”.  He asked if he could see it, so Rob handed me my purse and I showed it to him. He looked at the cop who had given me the citation and matter-of-factly told him he is throwing the case out. I had changed my address, period. It wasn’t up for discussion. And I signed a paper and was on my way.

I imagine heaven will be a lot like that. I have no specific scripture to back this up.... but I imagine people (and definitely Satan) will bring charges against me before the Ultimate Judge, my Heavenly Father… and God will say matter-of-factly He is throwing the charge out because Jesus paid my fine. There will be no room for debate, it will be final when God says I am innocent. In fact, He won’t even remember my confessed sin. What a wonderful feeling!

Don’t get me wrong, the price for my sin is unbearably high… so high that not only could I never pay it, it sickens me to think of the cost Jesus had to pay for my sin… yet He did it so I could live life to the fullest and spend eternity with Him.

Now that is priceless.

Edited to add: I love when my friends 'get my quirks' and accept me despite of them. This will sound ridiculous to those who DON'T know me well... When getting out of the car, Rob asked "Don't you want to take your iPad? You may get bored..." I LOVED THAT! Most people ask, "Why are you taking your iPad?" Jennifer does this too. If we are going on a long drive, she automatically brings me a can of Coke, knowing I am addicted to Coke. Neither Jen nor her husband drink Coke, yet they keep cases at their house just for me. I guess me not having a husband, it really touches my heart knowing I have friends who look out for me. One friend got me a Starbucks gift set for Christmas and the other got me a $50 gift card to Starbucks. Isn't that the coolest thing?

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