Friday, January 13, 2012

I Am A Writer

Thanks to Jennifer, I've done more work on Dillon and Friends in the past 2 hours than I've done in 20 years! Look out, Publishers!

I saw the psychiatrist Monday and was pleased to tell her I survived the holidays fine… I was just a bit upset my family refused to speak to me, cementing the fact that I no longer have a family, at least not relatives. (Ever notice how “cement” is like ‘cemetery”?)  So I proceeded to convince the doctor I reached out to Stacy, Rob and Jen whenever I felt myself crashing. I waited for her to write my prescriptions so I could be on my way. She then said she would like to talk to Jen (CRAP!!!) and would take the time to talk to her on the phone. CRAP! Wouldn’t you know, it did not go to voicemail – Jen answered and was honest with her, telling her I had some rough days… went into a bit more detail that I did, etc. In all fairness, the doctor and Jen have an agreement on my medication. Because of my history of suicide attempts, Jen gives me a week of meds at a time, so the doctor told Jen what dosage of each of my four meds she was giving me, and I was to bring the prescriptions right to Jen.

They then discussed my productivity, me searching for a publisher and/or a part time job, when my doctor asked Jen if she could help me with that. Jen has said all along if I write the query letters, she would attach my resume and a self addressed stamped envelope to mail to publishers. I felt that was a bit much to ask, until my psychiatrist said the following:

Me: Jen doesn’t understand why I can’t just send out a query letter or fill out an application…
Doctor: Maybe she can help you.
Me: Is that my depression? Or my ADD?
Doctor: Neither, not everything is due to your illness. You just don’t follow through.
Me: You hurt my feelings! You’re saying I am lazy/
Doctor: Why? I’m not saying you’re lazy… you just don’t like doing paperwork. I want a new job but I am unwilling to fill out the application. There’s nothing wrong with that.

And so I took Jen up on her offer to help. Seven query letters will be mailed today. My next venture? Within the next month, I will be doing a poetry reading at a local coffee house. I’m going to embrace my gift of writing.

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