Monday, January 16, 2012

Trying To Explain Introversion

Correspondence with someone who said he could identify with me being an introverted hermit:

** I think you are much more social than me! My friend goes grocery shopping for me (she's an extreme couponer- spends $20 on $100 worth of food) because I hate going in stores. When I run errands with her, I sit in the car while she goes in and out of places. I only wrote 7 query letters to publishers Friday because she offered to take them to the post office for me. I am very much of a recluse and seriously considered looking into monastery living (found one in Texas that accept pets) but I'm not Catholic.

I don't have social anxiety. It's the opposite. I just don't like interacting with people on a shallow level. The coolest thing just happened- I asked God how I could help people without socializing and a good friend from childhood messaged me she needed advise because her kid was talking about killing himself. I love helping in areas of depression and suicide (I'm a licensed therapist) so we've been corresponding on what could be going on. I feel so good helping her! THEN someone just called thanking me for the blog I just posted, saying it really helped him... God answered my prayer!

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