Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Drugs... Pt. 2

I need to quit watching the Whitney Houston coverage. So tired of people tying up deaths with the bow of 'drugs'! I am on four different drugs, maybe going to five when the doctor puts me back on Adderall. It's chemical imbalance, people! A year ago today I was in a mental hospital for going off all my meds (per advice of my mom), thus was suicidal and having homicidal thoughts. Some of us need meds!

The media is now blaming Whitney's bodyguard for allowing Whitney to be alone in the bathroom so long. I get so irate because I know how it is to be on the other side (the one who needs meds). Kinda like me getting so mad when people with disabilities are patronized. I think Jen is right with Whitney -Jen thinks her body just gave out from previous illegal drug use... maybe her heart was too weak. People are making a big deal that she was on anxiety meds... I'd like to see THEM live her life - paparazzi, crazed fans, pressure to perform, etc... without taking anything. And so she was sweating when she left a nightclub... WHO DOESN'T sweat after dancing??? Just stupid, ignorant people...

I know some, okay... A LOT of people abuse drugs, just as people abuse alcohol, food, ANYTHING. People seemed surprised a couple weeks ago when I was drinking at a party. I see nothing wrong with drinking every now and then...  and this was a major sin with my Southern Baptist upbringing. If I never had another drink, I wouldn't be upset. Maybe that is how one tells whether they have an addiction. 

To end on a funny note, when I was leaving for the party, I texted Rob..."I am going out drinking. If I get smashed, I'm calling you to come get me. So  if I call you talking normal, you will know I am drunk." I crack myself up.

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