Saturday, June 30, 2012

How Are We Today?

Medication has me so dizzy, I am walking like a sluggard - drunken sluggard- but Jireh comes first so I will take her to a local lake. I can do all things through Christ... Then, maybe, I'll finally have some social interaction. Magic Mike will definitely cheer me up! Pray hard for me, please. The thoughts in my head are scaring me. I see the psychiatrist Tuesday, and I don't want him to send me away to inpatient treatment... so I need to show him I am getting out, exercising, being productive... Please! If you have any spare time, invite me for coffee - we will take pictures so I can show him, I am not staying in bed all day.

I am fighting this. I do not belong in a mental hospital. I have too much to contribute to society. If I get through this, I promise to live in a way that points to God for the rest of my life! I am sharing too much information, but I am desperate.

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