Friday, July 13, 2012

Excellent Article on Suicide

Here is an excellent article on suicide:  It gives a fresh perspective on suicide is not about 'giving up' because one does not want to live, it is more about the inability to bear living. Living hurts sometimes. I mean it physically hurts. I know as I wake up to the all familiar feeling of having such physical and emotional turmoil, and wondering how I would survive the day. Having to socially interact with others is both frightening and dreadful due to the level of irritability and sensitivity. History proves this is when I tend to offend people and damage friendships. When talking about feelings proves not only ineffective, but more damaging, that is when the silence begins... keeping thoughts and feelings to oneself. My mission is to reach out to these people and be the listener and counselor they need. Merely listening can save a person's life.

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