Saturday, July 14, 2012

Forgiveness and Making Amends Despite Your Pride

I’ve decided this blog is going to be directed toward those who are suffering and struggling due to mental illness, disabilities, LIFE. We all struggle sometimes, right? So the purpose of this blog is now to encourage you to hang on, to keep going, even if it’s just one more day.., one more hour, whatever it takes to HOLD ON! You can read previous entries and see I have been there. I have given up many times, and God always picks me back up and makes me keep going, saying, “You haven’t finished your work yet!”. I get mad and bitter and rebellious – I end friendships out of pride and vow to keep to myself, knowing I can only trust God and I don’t need people… but you know, when I calm down and quietly listen to God, He reminds me He created us for relationships. We were never meant to do life alone, and certainly were not meant to walk through life without God!

(I’m learning a lot about true friendships while writing a Bible Study on Job.) God is showing me how I punish people in my life for experiences I have had in the past. Do you do that? Have you been hurt so deeply that you build a wall around your heart and vow no one will ever get in again? Do you write people off when you feel yourself getting too close to them and fear they will hurt you?

Can I tell you that you are allowing the past to hurt your present and future? Bitterness and pride are our enemies. Sometimes we hurt people who have been nothing but gracious to us because of what someone did to us in the past.

People are precious. People are God’s children, and He loves each of us the same. I am learning the importance of loving and accepting people the way Jesus loves and accepts me. I’ve been a hypocrite with my anger, judging, and pride. If you are reading this from my link on Facebook and wondering why I ‘friended’ you again, this is for you. I am sorry and I was wrong. Even if I never said or did anything to you, I apologize for defriending you. Friends, even Facebook friends, are treasures, and I realize that now.

So to those who are hurting,… don’t go through this alone. Someone emailed me, reaching out and telling me my post about ”God’s Got This” really helped them. Know that I appreciate you taking the time to email me, and I am praying you continue to find strength in Him… He will carry you through, and sometimes, He uses people around us to help ease our travels. Don’t shut people out. Accept them and love them as God loves and accepts you. Make amends. Kick away your pride. Make a new beginning. I don’t know about you, but the way I treat Jesus,  He should’ve written me off a long time ago… but He didn’t because He has unconditional love for me. Don’t you want to be like Jesus?

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Katiemelove said...

Way to go Shelly. Love always wins.