Saturday, July 7, 2012

Inpatient Treatment Facilities

There’s something to be said about a quality inpatient psychiatric hospital- in fact, there is MUCH to be said. If you are debating whether to check yourself in or facing involuntary admission by your doctor, I hope this article will bring a bit of comfort and lessen your anxiety. Mind you, psychiatric hospitals vary greatly in the experience and environment (mainly, due to insurance), but when you find a good one, like Tallahassee Memorial Psychiatric Center, it can change your life.

  1. You are removed from the stressors, anxiety, and triggers, which were making life so difficult. Yes, they are ‘still out there’, but you don’t have to think about them. You find distractors and even healthy replacements for the people, places, and things that were so consuming. It’s like a mental and emotional vacation.
  2. You gain a new perspective. Meeting new people who accept you for the crazy things you say, who not only refrain from freaking out with “I don’t know what to do/say”, but actually take your hand and listen when you talk about how crappy life is, so much so that you want to die… having people listen to you is incredibly affirming and liberating. And you realize you are not a freak. You realize maybe you just outgrew the people you’ve been socializing with, and it is time to make new friends.
  3. You do meet new friends. You learn the world is crammed with people, and the little social circle from whom you were trying so desperately to gain acceptance is only one minute part of society. You learn hurtful words were said not out of personal attacks, but out of misunderstandings resulting in miscommunications. You find people who get it, people who understand.
  4. You are understood and celebrated. Celebrated for the effort it takes to make it through the day… celebrated for such mundane things as showering, grooming, even smiling. People understand how paralyzing and debilitating depression and anxiety can be. Rather than placing unrealistic expectations on you, you are nurtured to get better… not just to the person you were, but to the best person you can be.
  5. You are safe. Safe from the hurtful actions of ‘friends and family’. Perhaps more importantly, safe from yourself – the thoughts of killing yourself. Without means to ‘carry out the thoughts’, soon, the desires lessen. And you have people with whom to talk about such feelings. People who not only listen and understand, but people who have been suicidal too… and survived. People like me.

Mental hospitals have a bad rap because some only pump you with drugs to keep you compliant while they collect your insurance money until your benefits run out, at which point, they discharge you being more screwed up they when you arrived. Research, do you homework. Finding the right Psychiatric Facility can change your life. Good luck!

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