Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Can't Keep My Mouth Shut!

--- I’ll try to be more optimistic today, although part of me wants to NOT be optimistic just to disprove that stupid book. Who is he to judge who is or isn’t a Christian based on whether they have depression? I looked to see what his credentials were – didn’t see a medical or psychological title behind his name… only that he is a well-known pastor.

I was talking with my best guy friend who shares the depression diagnosis (as well as being a Christian) and he reacted like I did when I told him what the book said!! (Including if someone is depressed, they are NOT a Christian). Further confirmation for me not to read the book. I rarely react so negatively to a book but mental illness is such a passion for me, I believe Christians should be able to go to the church for support and that has not been my experience. Thank God I know what I believe and am secure in my faith or I’d question my standing before the Lord, and/or avoid the church altogether. It was reassuring talking with someone who knows that depression cannot be alleviated solely by prayer or by ‘walking in the sunshine’. So many people have recommended those remedies (and many more) that is hard not to yell, “IF IT WERE THAT EASY, DO YOU THINK I WOULD STILL BE SUFFERING AFTER 25 YEARS?! REALLY?!” I don’t try to tell a baker how to bake a funnel cake or a pilot how to drive a plane, so why do people disregard my education, experience, years of counseling and psychiatric treatment with ridiculous statements such as ‘go walk in the woods’?! To those people, I say, “go jump in a lake!”

Okay, suffice it to say I have not turned into a more optimistic person. I intended to go along with the flow, keep my thoughts to myself, be inauthentic…. but I can’t. At least not in my writing, I can’t.

Once again, I like who I am, and I believe God has given me the passion, intelligence, and voice to speak up for the oppressed.

Isaiah 1:17- Seek justice, encourage the oppressed…

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