Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I am typing from my iPad, laying on the couch, because I still have no energy. Something is wrong with me. I haven't had the energy to eat or even shower. Mentally, I am not having depressive symptoms - although the longer this goes on, the more likely I will go into a depression, and I hate to see what happens then. I am beginning to panic, wondering what to work on next for income. I must have over 500 poems written so perhaps a poetry book.  Still, there are several clinical psychology articles that I just need to complete the outlines. I'm feeling bad for not helping out at church yesterday, there was just no way. My body wouldn't function and endure.

I guess I may as well face it; thinking all of these catastrophic possibilities will undoubtedly lead down a dark road. I just hope I get some much needed rest!

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