Sunday, August 19, 2012

FULL of Faith

So I went back to bed, secretly hoping I would oversleep and not make it church. I woke up and had a migraine, my hair wouldn’t cooperate because I desperately need it trimmed yet cannot afford a haircut, which made me mad about my whole financial situation as I looked at the mountainous pile of laundry I need change and energy to take to the laundromat. My attitude stunk. I told God I would show up at church but I am not talking to anyone… I felt like a 4 year old brat and I didn’t care. As I turned into the parking lot, I felt God remind me my sole purpose in life is to bring Him glory. “OKAY! I’ll smile! But I’m not talking…”

The sermon was on faith and believing and how doubt is part of the process… how Abraham didn’t have 100% faith and grew to develop more faith the more he walked with God. How ‘God will take away from us what keeps us from Him’ (that scared me). How we must believe… it’s all about believing God to do what God has promised to do. Wow… I needed to hear that!

The new coffee shop just opened, and my friend/boss asked if I wanted a cup of coffee… Of course not, I want to get home and not socialize. Besides, I don’t have any money. “No, thanks”. “It’s free!” she said, as if reading my mind. Heck, yeah! I don’t deny free coffee so I went in and soon forgot I didn’t want to socialize. People kept leaving before I was done talking to them! Cheryl (my friend) and I had the best conversation as her son (in medical school) asked about my book series:
Cheryl: Do you pronounce it CerEEEbral Palsy or CerABLE Palsy?
Me (joking about my speech): You’re asking me?
Cheryl: Well, things are CerEEEbral, but I always here people say, “CerABLE”…
Me (cracking myself up): Maybe that’s because people with Cerebral Palsy are the ones’ who talk about it…
Cheryl: It’s like “peruse”...
And she proceeded to correctly describe how people incorrectly use the word, ‘peruse’. I LOVED THE CONVERSATION! Then I talked to her son who just finished his psychiatric rotation about neurotransmitters. I WAS LOVING THE SOCIALIZING, talking about my passions.

Finally, the discussion went to how my books will be promoted to medical professionals through my publisher. Cheryl told her son my publisher is the same one who published “The Bernstein Bears”, and he proceeded to tell his fiancĂ©, who seemed somewhat impressed.

The socializing was over and as I drove home, I got the greatest image in my head…being at a social event and someone introducing me as Shelly, the “writer”… and then saying something like “You know, her books, ‘Dillon and Friends’?” She wrote the entire series. She also wrote the bestseller “Falling Up”, “Sufficient God” and numerous others? to which the audience all had read and loved, of course…
God told me that dream will never happen if I sleep my life away, if I hold on to the past, and if I worry when more money will come to me. God told me while my laptop is working, I am to use it to WRITE instead of sleeping because of it’s dysfunction. And God told me He has a bigger plan. I know that, but I forget. Thankfully, He has given me His Spirit to remind me of all I forget.

We serve an amazing God… I pray I don’t soon forget that.

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