Thursday, September 20, 2012

God's Call and My iPhone

I met Jen first thing this morning to have her switch my SIM card to an old “dumb” phone. Last night, I had emailed Jen, who called AT&T and was told it sounded like I needed a new SIM card for the phone to make calls. Still, I needed a workable phone until I could find a replacement. Jen put the card in the old phone and it didn’t work, so we concluded the SIM card was preventing my phone from calling. I had accepted I would only have a phone that made calls for awhile since the MAC store told me I either had to pay $99 to get my screen fixed, or pay $245 to upgrade early and renew my contract for a new phone. I was thinking I would be financially strapped again just to get a phone to make calls.

I went to the AT&T store where the guy told me the problem was my SIM card was for my old iPhone that I hadn’t used since January 2011. I argued with him, and asked him to please just let me have a new SIM card, I have been using this iPhone for months. He kept telling me it wouldn’t work… blah, blah, blah. So I got a bit assertive, and told him to just call AT&T as they made notes on my account when Jen called them last night that ‘customer was to get a FREE SIM card ".So he called, while I prayed I would accept whatever the outcome was, and know God was in control. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE GUY'S FACE AS HE SAID ON THE PHONE, “Oh, so you DO have that SIM card number and she has been using the phone…” I prayed for God to keep me from sticking my tongue out and saying, “na na na na na na!! Told you!” I kept my composure. He put in a new SIM card and not only is my phone calling out again, it is as good as new! The screen is fine! GOD IS SO GOOD! Throughout all this, I did not get depressed. I was tempted to stay in bed and ‘give up’, but after the AT&T store, I raced to Bible study, telling the story and giving God all the glory!

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