Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Intro to New Book?

I am working on several writing projects, including an autobiography/story... Here is the rough draft intro... please tell me what you think. Would you want to read more?

She's a writer who loves Jesus above all else. That is all she wants to reveal. But her writing indicates her life has been challenging, taking her into areas good girls don't frequent. A hellish childhood scarred her for life, physically altering her mind and her heart. She wanders aImlessly through the fields of her head, treading places no one has visited… so no one relates, and without having her dysfunctional background - years, no… a lifetime of hurtful messages, left orphaned in the world, trying desperately to reach her mom, but her mom pulled away after messages that she was a failure… not worth saving her life. So she wanders, she spent months completely isolated, and a lifetime of loneliness… places she has seen, images and experiences a single, Christian lady should know nothing about… but her carnal, sinful side has been wooed by the enemy. For the most part, she has devoted her life to Jesus, but sometimes, especially in the past, sometimes, she wandered off on her own… and found worldly wonders filled with initial excitement followed by inevitable emptiness. This is the story of her world.

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