Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No Phone

On the surface, I am having a bad day. My iPhone died and my laptop is still dying. I sat in the Apple store for 2 hours trying to fix my phone and lusting over the new products I want so much. I pouted, I childishly thought how unfair it is I can’t have the latest MAC products… I’m a writer! I need MAC and Levenger stuff! Now I don’t have a working phone… what if I need to call 911? I’m going to stay in bed and sink back into a depression.  NO! I REFUSE TO LET THIS GET MY DOWN! I am focusing on the blessings… I love my home, I am safe, warm, part of a great church, have true, caring friends, and a book series in publication. Jireh and Addy are happy and healthy, I have a car, money in the bank, food in the pantry… and I have a Bible to comfort me.
I’m  fine. I won’t let this pull me down.

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