Thursday, September 6, 2012

Visit with Shrink

(from yesterday)-
Me: We need to write a paper together on the neurological impact of cerebral palsy and depression.
Psychiatrist: You write it. I'll sign off on it.
Me: Seriously, I've always considered you a prodigy.
Psychiatrist gets iPhone, tells me to hold on. "Siri, define 'prodigy"....
Siri- "One who excels above others; a highly intelligent person."
Psychiatrist: "Awwww, THANK YOU!"

Told psychiatrist my plan to move to Tallahassee and lobby for mental health issues. He said, "If you are serious, I will lobby with you! I can catch a flight to Tally on Mondays and we can lobby. It is so needed!" I'm so excited!

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