Monday, December 29, 2014

Major Work to be Done

Okay- it now 4:53 a.m. and I have so many changes & ideas for this blog, I don't know where to start - so I am going to bed.

Just be prepared for more optimistic, upbeat, faith-based, victorious entries ahead.

* Both my depression and anxiety are managed.
* I am no longer on Xanax (evil medication!).
* I am writing again.
* I live in my favorite city.
* I have been having some issues with Cerebral Palsy and aging. (BOOOO!)
* I have a service dog, Jireh (which is Hebrew for "God Provides").
* I am extremely introverted.
* I found a wonderful new church.
* I am obsessed with Scripture Art Journaling.
* I am writing a fiction novel and plan to share excerpts on this site,

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