Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Commercial Break

Lots of writing projects stirring, good stuff, inspirational, revelational material, but my writing process keeps getting interrupted. Had to return my tablet twice in 2 weeks, learning, downloading, setting up, interacting with my ‘cloud’ (which freaks me out – the whole cloud stuff), etc. So I’ve many things started, and have to find my muse to get back to the mindset. But my desire to write is stronger than ever before as I am reading this book that confirmed God wants me using my gift of writing. So I am determined to blog every day. Today was emotional (on top of distracting) as my mom’s dog died… and everyone knows I am an awesome friend/counselor EXCEPT FOR LOSING A PET. That is out of my zone. I can’t. I can’t. My kitty, Seminole, died June 5, 2006 and it was losing a child, best friend, and companion all wrapped up in one. It changed me forever. Then, July 4, 2010, Zoey took her last breath… I was numb, paralyzed, sooo lost…. I am so much closer to animals than people. Now the thought of losing Addy, and, Jireh… oh my goodness. My world will crash!

Plus, I have this phobia of fire and started a little fire when cooking today. Has me uptight and emotional. The funny side of this was when I texted my brother:
Me: If my stove is off, can it still catch on fire?
Him: Is this a trick question?
Me: No, I have this irrational fear or fire…
Him: If my refrigerator is running, will it fall down?
*I cracked up!

Anyway, that was my day… other than drooling over this book:

The Art of Whimsical Lettering
by Joanne Sharpe
Link: http://amzn.com/1620330741

And planning my character update along with Cher’s song, “Walk Alone”… this piece should be completed tomorrow…

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