Friday, October 16, 2015

My First Love

I found a photo from 2 years ago, my ex-boyfriend, Jeff. So much has is funny. We discussed living together (I refuse to marry), it would've solved all my financial problems. He wanted me to stay home and write. He tried. He really tried. Started reading the Bible for me. But I couldn't give up my dependence on Jesus. I resented the time our dates stole from my quiet time. He spoiled me. Swept me away to Longboat Key for my birthday weekend, where he took me to expensive restaurants, bought me clothes, my beloved Sperry's... romantic walks on an isolated beach... but it wasn't enough. I guess I'm too nonconforming... I only wanted my Jesus. The way I met Jeff was like a dream... bonfire...cold friends, yet strangers... he asked me to dance... Sting was singing "When We Dance"... everybody faded into a fog. I was smitten. Two hours passed with us slow dancing, every so often, friends would say romance was in the air... we ignored them. Fourteen months later, I moved to Tallahassee. He has visited me a couple times, I've gone to visit him... but I went back to my First Love - Jesus, and never looked back. (from autobiography manuscript).

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