Monday, November 30, 2009

Cerebral Palsy Course Strengthens CDS Curriculum as Second Disability Intensive

Cerebral Palsy Course Strengthens CDS Curriculum as Second Disability Intensive

This is great - bringing awareness to cerebral palsy. I happen to agree with one statement: "Cerebral palsy can begin in infancy or early childhood and can also be acquired at a later age when a specific part of the brain is injured." --- many professionals refute the claim that CP can be acquired at a later age. Seems what is CP at birth is usually labelled traumatic brain injury (TBI) when acquired later in life.

To be fair, I disagree with this statement: "It is a permanent condition, but it does not get worse over time." No, the brain injury itself does not worsen, but the wear and tear on the body does worsen.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Prayer by John Donne

I see your hand upon me now, O Lord, and I ask not why it comes or what it intends. Whether you will bid my soul to stay in this body for some time, or meet you this day in paradise, I ask not. Curiosity of mind tempts me to know, but my true healing lies in silent and absolute obedience to your will, even before I know it. Preserve that obedience, O my God, and that will preserve me to you; that, when you have catechized me with affliction here, I may take a greater degree, and serve you in a higher place, in your kingdom of joy and glory. Amen.

Christianity Today has a wonderful piece written by Phillip Yancey on this great poet.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Here's a Judge Pirro Interview...

Check out her shoes... and her concern for turkeys.

Yeah for GMA!

Good for ABC for canceling Adam Lambert's performance on Good Morning, America!
Adam Lambert is about to defend his perverted actions on the Early Show. They are comparing his acts with Elvis' pushing the bar back in the day. If this is going to be the new 'norm', I'm throwing out my TV.

He doesn't apologize - said he got caught up in the moment and kids shouldn't have been watching TV that late...
If he can't control his actions when he is caught up in the moment, how can he be trusted to perform ANYWHERE or even be in public PERIOD? Heaven forbid he have a sexual thought in public and 'get caught up in the moment'! Plus, never mind the kids, I DON'T WANT TO SEE THAT STUFF AND I'M 40 YEARS OLD! This whole thing really burns me up.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Upset by the World

You know, I give Kissimmee a bad rap, BUT I am so glad I grew up there. We were sheltered. We were raised to be God-fearing kids who went to church on Sunday and didn't dare get into trouble because our parents would beat the crap out of us when we got home. I miss those days. I thank God for those days.

This is what has me in such a melancholy mood.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Rachel tapped her foot to the tone sound on the speaker phone. “You’ll see, Rachel… you’ll see we are boyfriend and girlfriend!”

Hey, this is Brian, you know what to do at the beep! Chow!

Rachel hung up the phone without leaving a message. She was too mad at Misty to let Brian know her reason for calling. Why didn’t her own friend believe she was Brian’s girlfriend? Misty was just jealous! That’s it… she wasn’t happy without a boyfriend so she hated to see Rachel happy.

“Look, Rach… let’s drop it, okay? I don’t need to hear Brian confirm your relationship. If you say you’re together, that’s enough for me. Alright?” Misty gave her friend a hug and gathered her books from the kitchen table. “I gotta run to study for my biopsychology exam. It’s gonna be an all-nighter for me! ”

Rachel mumbled goodbye without as much as a glance in her friend’s direction. She called Brian again but this time, she left him a voicemail asking him to call her as soon as he got her message. They had something serious to talk about.

She sat down to work on a project for her Elementary Education Today class, gathering art supplies to design a mock classroom, which would be conducive to fourth grade learning. It was her third year at University and while most of her peers had moved off campus, she felt safer living in a dorm. The downside was the noise – students partying late into the wee hours of the morning made a good night’s sleep impossible! But she didn’t complain because every time she said anything, she was teased for living on campus with all the ‘baby freshmen’.

Now what would a fourth grader be interested in? Rachel’s mind started to wander. What is Brian interested in? I know he likes me. He jus has to!! God, please make Brian like me… please?!

Meanwhile, Brian was on his way to the Delta Delta Delta gala when he listened to his voicemail. Three messages. The first message was from his buddy, Skip, telling him he found a keg for tomorrow night’s party. Cool, Brian thought. He needed a night to let loose after spending the day with Rachel. Second message was none other than Rachel. Speak of the devil… or saint! Serious? She needed to talk about something ‘serious’? What, did she overhear someone use profanity? This girl is too much! I ain’t calling her back! Last message was from his mother. His probation officer needed to meet with him. It seems the University found out about Brian’s charges, and they were intending to expel him from school.

Chapter 4
Taylor ignored Sommer’s question and hurried in to the theater, thankful she purchased the tickets online. She just wanted to get in the dark theater, movie rolling so loud that she could process what had just happened. Thankfully, Sommer didn’t press her for details as she was preoccupied with making sure her popcorn had extra butter. By the time the two sat down, the movie had started. Just as Taylor let out a sigh of relief, her iPhone vibrated with a text.

I will call you to catch up. – Love still, Ben

The next two hours of the movie, Taylor recalled the way her life was when she dated Ben. The romance, the excitement, the love… every day was a new adventure! He introduced her to things she never knew existed, including feelings she never before had felt. Ben had made he very happy… happier than she had ever been. She loved him, and he loved her… like it was suppose to be… except it was wrong in the deepest sense.

But hey, no one was perfect, right? Everyone has their vices, their weaknesses, their strongholds. This was one area of her life where she knew she needed to change. But Ben convinced her it wasn’t as wrong as she made it out to be. “Why do you have to define everything, Taylor? Why must you try to put what we have in a box? Just enjoy…” he had told her every time she tried to break off the relationship. And it worked every time.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Poem - Warned

You thought I exaggerated when I described how I get,
Minimized my tendencies that you hadn't seen yet. 
After some time, my colors change hues. 
You'll remember my words, recognize the clues. 
Please don't be offended if you don't understand. 
Just remember I warned you of the way that I am. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dog Update

Canine for Companions called to set up a 30 minute phone interview 12/9. Then I have to pass a medical background check. Then I have a day long face to face interview. If I pass all that, they will put me on a waiting list for a dog. Waiting list is 18mths to 2 yrs. May have a dog by the time I turn 50.

Quick Story

BSF Leader "Can someone give an example of obeying Christ for the wrong reason? Me; "I use to try not to cuss because everytime I cussed, my car broke down." Her: "So I guess you quit cussing, eh?" Me: "No, I got a new car."

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cerebral Palsy Life

Consider the source: This article on aging with Cerebral Palsy is sponsored by a law firm. Still, raises some concern regarding correlating walking with life expectancy. Wouldn't individuals who ARE ambulatory be more at risk of accidents?

I learned a lifetime ago the professional's prognoses and generalizations frequently do more harm than good. Still, it helps to know some idea of what to expect... then again, do we benefit from knowing what to anticipate?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Assistance Dog?

Canine For Companions received my application for a dog and said they will get back to me within 4 weeks. Could it be a happy Christmas afterall?

Charla Nash

Am I the only one who is angered by the media warning the lady who was attacked by the chimp is so disfigured, it may disturb viewers? How rude! She shouldn't wear a veil - she's a beautiful survivor!

There are professionals saying 'she will never have a normal life', and 'it may have been better if she didn't survive'.

Sad mentality.

I have no words. Actually, I have a few: People are SO SHALLOW, CLUELESS, AND IGNORANT!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Poem - Creator

*haven't been able to do much but sleep the past few days. Fortunately, I can focus long enough to comprise a poem now and then.

You - My Creator
Created me to create. 
Nothing I've done
All from you - it's innate. 

Only the vessel
Clay in Your hands. 
Your purpose for me. 
... I cannot understand. 

Take the first step
Trust and obey. 
Believe You'll provide
Each word I must say. 

Friday, November 13, 2009


Overwhelming feelings of lack of writing ability. Paralyzed by it. Been in bed the past 36 hrs. Hoping one of these times, I will wake up "fixed". 4;42pm - going to sleep again. Maybe, just maybe, I'll wake up fixed this time. 
Stagnation stinks. 

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Chapter 3
Taylor felt an electric chill run through her body at the sound, touch, and smell of him. He had been the love of her life, and at the beginning of their relationship, they had vowed to love each other forever. Standing outside the theater, she couldn’t remember how many years had passed since she saw him, yet she remembered everything about him, including the tingling sensation she was feeling as he touched her arm from behind.

“How’ve you been the past, I don’t know, five years or so?” He turned her around so she was facing him, the love of her life. His eyes were still an entrance to his soul, telling her things words could never express. The same eyes that pierced though her in an intensely euphoric way as if he was the puppet master of Taylor’s emotions. Getting over him was one of the hardest things she has ever had to do.

“So are you still a church fanatic?” Ben asked in his typical derisive manner. “Or is it another phase you threw aside?”

Taylor was uncomfortable with his closeness, concerned Sommer would see this older man with his hand on her arm, murmuring in her ear. He turned her around to give her a hug, yet failed to release her.

“Ben! Stop! What are you doing?” Taylor pushed him away in anger. Anger because he obviously assumed he could walk back into his former role, neglecting to consider the words, emotions, and time that had separated the present from their years together.

Unphased by her rebuff, Ben smirked condescendingly. “Is that anyway to treat ‘the only man you will ever love’?” She had described him accordingly throughout their 6 year romance. While he never claimed to love her exclusively, he had vowed to love her forever as well. Taylor foolishly believed him. She was so naïve, so stupid… so blinded by her emotions.

“That was a long time ago, Ben!” Suddenly, she looked at him, really looked into his eyes, and felt herself reverting back to the crazy thoughts she had fought so hard to divest. He still was incredibly attractive. She was still mesmerized by his charm. They did have some great times together…

“Taylor! Taylor?” Sommer appeared from out of nowhere and was alternating glances between Ben and her. “Are you ready to go in?”

Ben continued staring into her eyes despite Sommer’s interruption. It took every bit of strength Taylor had to step away from Ben. Her eyes remained locked with his as he asked if he could call her sometime. When Taylor said she didn’t think that would be a good idea, Ben disregarded her wishes. “I’ll call you, Taylor. I’ll call.” And before she could respond, Ben was gone.

The next thing Taylor knew, Sommer was waving her hand where Ben had been standing moments before. “Hello?! Who the heck was that?!”

Kate breezed through the interview with no problem. She loved her job, loved the research, and loved knowing her efforts helped change the lives of people with disabilities. Her latest movement was to close down every last ‘sheltered workshop’ in the country. For so-called professionals to support these ‘sweat-shops’ where adults were herded in like cattle in the name of ‘self-sufficiency’ was completely atrocious! Kate made it her mission to bring awareness and education in an area so void of justice.

Three years ago, her father’s stroke propelled her in the fight for neuroanatomy research and awareness. Watching the strongest man in her life fade within a matter of hours deeply impacted her. Thankfully, his stroke occurred when she was back home so she was able to rush over to transport him to the hospital. Her dad progressively lost his ability to speak, write and remember who he was, and he had terrible headaches, making dim surroundings a necessity. While she was thankful she was there to support her father, that day haunted her constantly. The father she knew died that day.

With the interview behind her, she called her kids to arrange for a family gathering over Spring Break, to which both agreed. Then she made her doctor’s appointment. As someone who was so vocal about maintaining health check ups, Kate sure didn’t maintain her own. But she was trying to change. She had to stay healthy for her kids, and for her dad. And even for Sydney. They all needed her. As for Kate, she needed no one. She worked non-stop to make sure it stayed that way. Never again will she depend on another person… especially a man. Sydney made sure of that both financially and emotionally.

Poem - Cocoon

It's my escape, my cocoon
Free from dread, pain and doom. 
Wrapped up tightly, fit and snug. 
Safe, secure... neverending hug. 

Time of reprieve, falling into abyss. 
Oh how I crave moments like this!
Sinking, floating as a breeze blown leaf,
Enveloped in tranquility, peaceful relief. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One of My Favorite Verses

"How can you believe if you accept praise from one another, yet make no effort to obtain the praise that comes from the only God?" - John 5:4

** This verse is being amplified to me this morning.

In studying John 5, I am learning about keeping the Sabbath, but even MORE about the redemption and grace of Christ. The Jews were trying to persecute Jesus for healing a disabled man on the Sabbath... I mean, serious stuff! The IVP New Testament Commentary's explanation of rules concerning who could do what when makes my head spin:
According to Exodus Rabbah 30:9 the idea that God worked on the sabbath was held by rabbis at the time John is writing in the 90s. These rabbis argued that God is exempt from the prohibition to work on the sabbath (Ex 20:11; Deut 5:14) because "a man is permitted to carry on the sabbath in his own courtyard" and Isaiah 6:3 indicates that the whole world is God's courtyard when it says "the whole earth is full of his glory." Similarly, a person is permitted to carry "a distance of his own height," and since God fills heaven and earth (Jer 23:24) there is no limit to his carrying. These arguments may focus on "carrying" because God must continue to carry the universe even on the sabbath or it would collapse. The use of carrying as a reference point in rabbinic arguments in John's day may account for why John chose this type of story about sabbath breaking--in which a man carries his mat--to stand for all the instances in which Jesus challenged his opponents' ideas about the sabbath.

What??? Sounds like those dreaded math problems - "If train A left for the station at 4:52am going 80 mph..." (I always hated those questions!)

Point is, Jesus died on the cross to fulfill the requirements of the Law. We are no longer under rules and regulations because Jesus took care of all our sin & iniquities by nailing them to the cross. For further study, here is a great site to start.

Therefore, we try so hard to meet the world's standards, our peers, colleagues, loved one's expectations, etc. that life becomes one never-ending rat race. All we need to do is work for the praise of the only God! And He is MUCH easier to please than mere man.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tallahassee Bottomed Jeans

Found an old pair of jeans in the back of my closet this morning. To my great surprise, they still fit! As if molded just for my body, these jeans are quite comfy, quite ‘homey’.

This familiar ‘homey’ feeling describes my weekend trip to Tallahassee. As always, the moment I got off I-10, I felt warm and peaceful… I felt ‘right’. The canopy trees, hills, hints of mountains, smiles of young students, mighty government offices, and of course, Florida State University is home for me. Paradise on earth.

Now it’s been 13 years since I moved away from the city, and I know things change, people change, and I have changed. Yet as I sat across from an integral friend in my life who still lives in Tallahassee, I realized I still fit in the mold.

It was the little things: a mutual understanding of words like, “proprioception” without needing explanation, the shared passion of advocacy, determination, understanding (and absolutely no judgment) my recent hospitalization, and the list goes on and on. I didn’t have to defend my choices. Instead, I was affirmed with statements like, “Why would/should you marry? I mean, unless you’ve changed greatly, you don’t want to have children, right?” Right!

In trying to narrow down what was so great about my trip, I can only explain it as follows: Tallahassee is where I first discovered who I am. In college, I embraced my love for writing, solitude, non-conformity, and being who I am regardless of societal influence. Living in Orlando, I’ve lost sight of my beautiful uniqueness. I’ve gotten clouded by societal influence.

But thanks to this trip, I’ve found the mold from years ago, the mold that felt so ‘homey’. You know what? It still fits.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Poem: Me with You

I like me when you're here
Confidence replaces insecurity & fear  
My smile is broader, head held high.
You look at me, I can almost fly.

I like me when you're around
Buried willpower in me is found. 
I like who I am, who I've become. 
With you, I feel I am "someone". 

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chapter 2 -Perspectives

Taylor started the day in her usual routine; with sat her laptop and a cup of coffee. After updating her blog, she silently asked God to give her words to point readers toward Jesus. She found it a constant struggle writing inspirational material about her personal life versus being an introverted recluse. Her life hadn’t been easy as she’d made many controversial decisions that neither the church nor society understood. But it was her life, and she had no one on earth to live for, so she kept to herself. Problem was, she felt led to disclose her life, -the secret, painful parts – so people would know how a relationship with Christ changes a person. Being a Christian isn’t about following a bunch of rules, trying to be perfect and feeling constant condemnation. Instead, it’s about relationship, spending time learning who Jesus is, studying the Bible, praying and believing He is the Son of God. Taylor survived each day because of her relationship with Jesus because he gives her the power, joy, and will to get out of bed each day.

She found people expected her to be naïve, innocent, even sheltered concerning the real world. Oh, how she wished that was so! Taylor had a colorful past that would surprise even those who knew her best. The men, many men, the secrets, the drugs… not exactly things people associated with Taylor. Instead, she was known for her love for Bible study, reading, writing and solitude. She was hard to be friends with because of her mental illness, yet Taylor didn’t mind. She learned a long time ago friendships are rarely worth the investment that is required.

The vibration of her phone interrupted Taylor’s thoughts. Her friend, Sommer, was calling to invite her to a movie. “C’mon, Sommer! Me? Go to a movie? Don’t you know me at all?!”
“I don’t want to go by myself. You stay home too much! You need to go out and get some fresh air!
“Fresh air? At a movie theater?”
“Then let’s go for a walk. You need exercise.”
“I just rode my stationary bike for 30 minutes. If you need to talk, just tell me. Otherwise, I have writing to do.”
Sommer let out a sigh of disgust. “Fine. Do your writing! I don’t get you, Taylor, but do what you want.”
“Okay, okay! I’ll go. Tell me when and where…” Taylor felt like a bad friend whenever she declined invitations, so as usual, she agreed to go as bitterness and resentment welt up inside her.

That afternoon, Taylor stood outside the Cineplex waiting for Sommer when a familiar voice called her name. He was coming up behind her, putting his hand on her shoulder before she could turn to face him. He leaned into her ear, saying in almost a whisper, “Well, well, well… look who it is…”
As the plane took off from the runway, Kate laid her head back to rest her eyes. She had been averaging three hours of sleep per night and it was catching up to her. Oh, I need to check on Dad… and I must get to the doctor for my annual physical (which she hasn’t had the past two years)… She couldn’t get her mind to slow down and her chest felt like her heart was about to shoot out. Check on Dad… call Dr. Reeves…

“Excuse me – Ms. Richards? We’ve landed…” The attendant gently nudged her arm. “You have slept the entire flight…”

And so she was up again, headed to another studio. She read up on the latest news updates from her iPhone, checked her email for any schedule changes, and made a note to call the doctor for an appointment. A quick call to her dad reminded her she needed to go see him soon. She promised him she’d visit this weekend and made a mental note to add it to her calendar… right after she called Dr. Reeves.

The limo driver’s face lit up when he saw her approaching. “Good day, Ms. Richards. Wiley Studios as usual? Or is it one of your other stations?”
“Wiley– thanks.” She slipped into the long back seat with her designer sun glasses dimming the brightness of the mid-day sun.” Kate felt a headache coming on when she awoke from her short nap and was reflecting on her phone conversation with her father. She really needed to visit him more. He was so lonely since her mother passed away a decade ago. He had told her she was working too hard again and Kate wondered if there was an undercurrent of him wanting her to visit, thus take a few days to stay at his beach house. When? Maybe she could arrange for a family visit when the kids were on Spring Break.

“Ms. Richards? Are you listening?” The driver’s eyes were peering at her in the rear view mirror.
“I’m sorry, Bennet… what was that?”
“I asked if you had been in the sun lately. You look radiant, I mean, more than usual…”
“Oh, thank you…” She refrained from answering with details as she had too many things on her mind to engage in small talk, yet she made certain she smiled graciously back in the mirror.
“You know, all the drivers drool when we see you get off your jet… you’re one sexy…”
“Bennet – there’s my stop. It was good seeing you and say hello to Mrs. Bennett for me…” She interrupted his complimented. It wasn’t that she didn’t like being complimented, rather she wished men would see and compliment her inner qualities. Besides, her stomach turned whenever she sensed a married man was fantasizing about her in a sexual way. No one took marriage vows seriously anymore. Kate knew that first hand. Sydney made that very clear when he brought his women ‘friends’ around her during their marriage.

He had told Kate if she would spend more time at home, he wouldn’t need to look outside the marriage. That is when she took on the next step in her career, demanding even more of her time in the office. A few weeks later, the rumors started trickling…
Rachel giddily danced around her apartment as she told her friend about her afternoon. “I’m telling you, Misty… we’re a couple… Brian just hasn’t said it out loud.”

Misty had heard all about Brian over the past year and was often curious as to whether he even existed. He never came around, never called Rachel during the times when the two girls hung out. Yet Rachel referred to him as her “boyfriend”, claiming she would not even look at another man out of faithfulness to Brian.

“Why haven’t I met him if you two are exclusively dating? He hasn’t even held your hand, Rachel, much less kiss you!”
Rachel became defensive. “But he spends time with me and invites me to his house.”
“I spend time with you and invite you to my house!”
“Why are you trying to ruin this for me? Why don’t you want me to be happy?” Rachel quickly became irritated. “I’m going to prove to you I am his girlfriend!”

Rachel grabbed her cell phone, dialed Brian’s number, and tapped the ‘speaker’ button with Misty listening.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Chapter 1 - Perspectives

Nanowrimo 2009

Taylor reminded herself she didn’t have to do this alone. She had a strong faith, believing in a Source most people considered outlandish. But ‘outlandish' was a compliment in Taylor’s eves as she went out of her way to circumvent the beaten path taken by the majority. She’d rather swim upstream than passively float the mainstream. People are too difficult and needed to be distanced for her to maintain any sense of sanity. Deep down, she knew it was impossible to fulfill her life purpose of encouraging others if she remained a hermit thriving in solitude. That’s where her writing comes in.

Writing had been her means of coping since 3rd grade when Mrs. Salt had taught her to write cursive. In 4th grade, all she wanted for Christmas was an electric typewriter. She got one – in fact, it was tucked away in her office closet. Maybe someday, it would be worth a lot of money. Maybe someday, she would be a successful, published author. That is, if she ever actually finished a task such as marketing her numerous articles, poetry, blogs, etc. Even as a loner, Taylor found herself easily distracted. She simply found her imagination more appealing than reality, so she became more of a ‘visitor’ to society, and a permanent dweller in the remoteness of her mind.

Maybe that’s why she felt so close to Jesus. He was always with her so she rarely wanted the company of another. He was her Rock and she truly could do or be nothing without the power of God. She worshiped Him in the quiet, pre-dawn hours, feeling no mandated reason to be in church every time the doors opened. She did her ‘giving back’ and serving through her writing.

Speaking of writing, she needed to focus on getting some type (pun intended) of organized meaning on paper. She was wasting precious time thinking of ‘what could be’. It was time she set her dreams into goals.
What was she thinking?! Kate did not have time to figure out scheduling conflicts. She was booked to appear on New York Today at 1pm – the same time as her luncheon for the upcoming charity event. Zooming out to view her monthly appointments gave her a sense of purpose, accomplishment, satisfaction; it was the current week view that frustrated her. There was never enough time to accomplish all she needed to do. Hell, she barely had time to think! Somehow, not having time to think made her the woman she is today.

She had seen too many people miss opportunities because of their emotions. Too many girl friends threw their careers in the pooper because of marriages to men who never came home at night. “But I love him…” they would claim as they repeatedly called at all hours of the night for her support. Of course, she’d always support her best friends. And Kate, of all people, knew the pain caused by loving a man. She left Sidney after the kids moved out, yet she still worried about him, even loved him, after all the shit he had put her through.

“Brandy? Can you come here real quick?” Kate called out when she heard her assistant laughing outside her office. Brandy appeared before Kate with her iPhone, ready for instructions. “Hun, I am flying to New York in the morning and I see you penciled in the luncheon… call Teresa and tell her I am unable to attend but of course, I will make up for my absence in a generous donation. Anything for animal rights, you know.”

“Yes, Ms. Kate. I’ll take care of it,” Brandy slightly bowed before turning to leave.
“Brandy? Did you just bow? How many times have I told you…”
“Sorry, Ms. Kate. Did it without thinking… respect and all.”

Brandy admired Kate, as did most people. Men wanted her, women wanted to be her, yet everyone respected her. Kate made sure of it.
Rachel carried her Forever 21 bag under her arm while retrieving the Bible from her purse. Her best friend, Brian, was challenging her claims of God will bring her husband into her life without requiring any effort from Rachel. She quoted Phillipians 4:19: And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

“But you don’t need a boyfriend! That says ‘needs’”. Brian sometimes wondered how he could be friends with such a religious freak like Rachel. How could she believe in something unseen? And that Bible she was always quoting from! How could Rachel use some book as some type of a definitive crystal ball?

Brian met Rachel 3 years ago at a community beautification event where he was required to help pick up trash in local parks. Everyone believed he was volunteering out of the goodness of his heart, not knowing it was a stipulation to his maintaining a clean record. Of course, Rachel had no idea Brian had been involved in criminal activity and Brian intended to keep her in the dark, which shouldn’t be a problem since she was so naïve. He also would never let on how he was using Rachel to get his parents off his back. After months of his mother nagging him about finding a sweet girl to date exclusively, Brian claimed he was dating Rachel, and befriended her so she would join him for occasional family dinners. Brian reminded himself of his scheme whenever he was tempted to tell Rachel she was a complete lunatic.

“Oh, Brian… you know God wants all women to marry. I need a husband, God provides for our needs. Who knows, maybe God brought us together to meet each other’s need for a spouse! Wouldn’t that be just like God?”

Rachel knew Brian had a crush on her even if he never asked her on an official date. Why else would he invite her to family functions? His mom treated her as if she and Brian were an exclusive couple, which led Rachel to assume Brian had told his mom of his feelings, yet was too shy to admit his crush to Rachel.

Spending three hours with Rachel was nerve-wracking enough, but having to listen to her claims that God wanted them to marry, that was the final straw! Brian opened the passenger door to his sports car as Rachel tossed her new outfit in the backseat and sat in the front. Brian shut her door as she obediently latched her seatbelt. She tucked her Bible back into her purse as Brian got in and started the engine.

“I just realized how late it is, Rachel, so how about I drop you off real quick?”
Rachel grinned as she looked out her window. “Sure… so you don’t deny the possibility?”
“Huh? What possibility?” Brian wondered how long he had tuned out her voice.
“The possibility God put us together for marriage? Wouldn’t that be just like God?”
Brian refrained from laughing at her stupidity, “Sure… just like God…”

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nanowrimo Day #1

Okay readers... this blog site is going to be smokin' for the next 30 days. It will be my platform for Nanowrimo 2009 - writing a novel in 30 days. I can generate 17,000 words a day, right? Sure! I've already started... let me know what you think of my intro to the next American novel:

Taylor reminded herself she didn’t have to do this alone. She had a strong faith, believing in a Source most people considered outlandish. But outlandish was a compliment in Taylor’s eves as she went out of her way to circumvent the beaten path taken by the majority. She’d rather swim upstream than to passively float the mainstream. People are too difficult and needed to be distanced for her to any sense of sanity. Deep down, she knew it was impossible to fulfill her life purpose of encouraging others if she remained a hermit thriving in solitude. That’s where her writing comes in.

I'll be needing lots of 'you can do this' talks so I'm counting on YOU to keep me going...