Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nanowrimo Day 1

Progressing along...
When land was no longer in sight, she threw down the anchor and penned these words:

The vast, great sea. My companions and me.

Away from "all them". Watching 3 dolphins swim.

God's greatest creation! A sea-life formation!

So thankful to visit, a place so exquisite.

Careful not to intrude, silently subdued.

Respecting the ocean, her boat rocked in slow-motion.

Nanowrimo Begins!

Enjoying Nanowrimo so far!!! Here's a sample from my first chapter:

Piper chose to live a life with her only invested relationship being with Jesus. Right or wrong,  she knew the consequences, and willingly accepted them. She had no firm foundation to build from since her primary relationship in her formative years. Dysfunction was all she had known, and at this point in her life, she was done with pain and suffering. She only needs Jesus.

Sunday morning, Piper was secretly glad it was raining as she had a valid reason not to attend church today. She thankfully has been blessed to have the opportunity to spend her days writing,  and today she is starting writing on her latest book. Piper couldn't comfortably read fictional materials, or even watch movies, without feeling guilty for 'wasting her time'. Rather, her career as a psychotherapist included writing for psychology journals and technical papers based on research. Major life changes motivated Piper to give herself a break, and put her creative self in charge. For the next month, she would allow her imagination to flow on paper as she savored living on a boat with her cat and dog.

Nanowrimo 2015

And I'm off... having no idea where this is going. Nanowrimo - 113 words down, 49, 887 remaining.  Starting from scratch.